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S1BonusE2 - Future Weapons with Skeeve Stevens

January 20, 2020
This week on our Bonus episode I discuss Future Weapons with Skeeve Stevens www.linkedin.com/in/skeeve/?originalSubdomain=au. Skeeve was the first Australian to be imprisoned for hacking. He is a Futurist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, technology architect, consultant and visionary in number of areas including: Futurism, Network Architecture, Cloud Infrastructure, Advisor in Future Technology Crime and Critical Infrastructure Protection, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, NFC/RFID, Personal/Commercial and Security Robotics, Smart Cities, Consumer Behaviour and Psychology, Trend Analysis and Technology based Neuroscience aka Brainwear.
The conversation with Skeeve is an intense one and not only due to the nature of weapons as a topic but also due to the reality that strikes like a slap in the face when we uncover just how easy it is to take everyday electronics, including toys and convert them into weaponry. The future is a reoccurring theme in my chat with Skeeve and although the dark shadow of children as weapons and super humans taking our jobs is high on our radar, Skeeve assures me micro-chipping, human upgrade and smart drugs will be an ordinary feature in the lives of everyday people in the very near future.
Further Reading and Resources:
This episode was inspired by the book: Ghost Fleet - P.W. Singer and August Cole https://widdershinspodcast.com/season-one%3A-space-1
See more from Skeeve Stevens at: https://skeevestevens.com/
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